Work Rules for International Students in Australia

With the increase in the reach of the internet, people have become more aware of the quality of education and various study opportunities outside their own country.

The parents are primarily focused on providing the best education to their kids. Hence, most parents choose Australia as their one-stop destination for quality education.

Australia is a land of educational and work opportunities for students worldwide. Many students are migrating to Australia for their education and work. The Australian Government is extremely welcoming as they provide opportunities to students from various origins.

The best way to get into the top educational institutions in Australia is to follow a comprehensive student visa process. The Australian Visa for the students is known as the student visa subclass 500.

Student Visa 500 is the criteria for immigration of students from various countries to Australia. There are a few guidelines under the visa which every student must follow to pursue education in Australia.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Getting Student Visa in Australia?

There is a standard eligibility criterion for the students to get accepted in Australia; they are:

  • The students under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) are eligible for the visa.
  • The students are allowed to stay in Australia for the duration of the course, mostly 5 years; it is subject to change.
  • The students who choose a course according to the Australian visa guidelines are eligible for a student visa.
  • A family member is allowed to stay with the student during the tenure of the course.
  • The student must have an IELTS minimum score of 5.5 TOEFL and 46.
  • The student must be older than 6 years if applying for a school. In the ninth year, students must be 17 years old, and the student must be below 20 for starting year 12.
  • Student Visa for Australia includes a mandatory Confirmation of Enrolment Letter.
  • The student is allowed to sign up for multiple courses.
  • The student and their family must have valid health insurance from an approved Australian insurance company.
  • The student must provide financial proof of proper financial arrangements for their stay in Australia.
  • The student must not have a past refusal or cancellation case with the Australian immigration department.

What are the Work-Related Rules and Regulations under Student Visa Australia?

The student visa eligibility for Australia comes with many rules and regulations, especially work-related. All the students under the visa must abide by the rules provided by the Australian Government. The student visa rules are:

  • The students are allowed to travel inside and outside the country during their stay period.
  • The students under visas are allowed to work in the country.
  • The students can continue both work and study simultaneously.
  • The students will be eligible for work only after the initiation of their enrolled course.
  • The work hours for students under the visa must be less than 40 hrs for two weeks while school is in session.
  • The number of work hours for an international student is unlimited during recognized school vacations.

A work week in Australia is considered to be Monday through the following Sunday. Although they can arrive in Australia up to 90 days before their course begins, students are not allowed to begin work unless their course starts.

The 20 hours work schedule does not include any work undertaken as a component of their studies or training. Volunteer and unpaid work is not included in the 20 hours of work timing. If an international student works more than the Australian restrictions allow, their visa may be canceled.

What are the Work Rules for Family Members of International Students?

As the student visa rule suggests, family members (spouses and children) can accompany the international student.

Do the family members have a right to work in Australia under a student visa 500? Fortunately, Yes. The Family members accompanying the international student are allowed to work in Australia.

The family members have the same work rules as the student – 20 hours per week. Unlike the students, family members may not exceed 20 hours per week, even during holidays. For those students obtaining a graduate degree, like a master’s degree, their family can work unlimited hours. The family members are not allowed to begin work until the international student commences their course.

What are the Academic Requirements for the Student Visa Australia?

There are specific academic requirements to obtain a student visa for Australia. The following requirements are,

  • The student must carry proof of an English proficiency certificate.
  • The school or college entry requirements are specific to the chosen school or college.
  • The knowledge of a particular subject or work experience depends upon the chosen subject.
  • Sometimes, the student needs to have an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or equivalent.
  • For Postgraduate courses, the student must have completed a minimum of one undergraduate degree.

What is the Processing Time of the Australian Student Visa?

The student visa processing time may vary according to the chosen course. There can be various other factors in the migration services that dictate the processing time.

Here are some rough estimations of the processing time of 90% of student visa applications,

  • For the Foreign Affairs stream, it is 52 days.
  • For the Postgraduate research stream, it is 9 months.
  • For a Non-award Sector, it is 9 days.
  • For a Schools Sector, it is 7 months.
  • For an Independent ELICOS Sector, it is 4 months.
  • For the Vocational Education and Training stream, it is 9 months.
  • For the Higher Education Segment, it is 6 months.

What is the cost of a Student Visa for Australia?

The visa required for students’ education in Australia is the Student Visa subclass 500.

The student visa application cost is AUD$630 per visa application. The application processing time may change depending on the selected course. The average processing time for 90% of the applications is 52 days.


Australia has become the hub for good educational institutions. The standards and quality of their education are outstanding. It is the prime reason why Australia is receiving numerous applications from students all over the world.

Students are finding a new home in Australia and learning from highly qualified teachers and professors in the schools and colleges there. The student visa has given great opportunities to students who want to make it big in their careers.

The work rules for students in Australia are easy-going as it allows them to pursue work along with studies and also provide limitations so that the student doesn’t lag in their curriculum. Hence, most students aspire to study in Australia.

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