Are you a person full of talent? Do you want to move to Australia? The first step for you is the need to complete your visa application. This blog guides you through the steps to fill in your visa, the documents required, eligibility criteria, and many more. Keep reading to find out the details about Distinguished Talent visa subclass 124.

What is Australia Distinguished Talent visa subclass 124?

It is a permanent visa for people who have an internationally recognized record of outstanding achievement in an eligible field.

Eligibility criteria of subclass 124 distinguished talent visa –

  • be outside Australia when this visa is granted
  • have an internationally recognized record of outstanding achievement in one of the following areas (and still be prominent in the area):
  • a profession
  • a sport
  • the arts
  • academia and research
  • be nominated by an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, eligible New Zealand citizen, or Australian organization with a national reputation concerning your area of talent
  • Be beneficial to the Australian community in terms of economic, social, cultural, or
  • to raise Australia’s academic, artistic, or sports standing internationally.
  • You must find work in your field in Australia or become independently established in your area in Australia. You can’t include income from work outside your domain, even if this is only part of your overall income.
  • You can be at any age to apply for this visa. However, If you are under 18 years old or aged 55 years or older when you apply, you must be of exceptional benefit to the Australian community.
  • Meet our health requirements.
  • Meet our character requirements.
  • Sign the Australian values statement.
  • Have paid back your debt, if any, to the Australian government.
  • Not have had a visa canceled or a previous application refused.

What kinds of achievements are recognized under Distinguished Talent visa subclass 124?

Your achievements must be outstanding along with

  • are currently prominent in your field
  • have superior abilities to others in your field
  • are acclaimed as exceptional in any country where your domain is practiced
  • have a record of sustained achievement that is unlikely to diminish in the future
  • You must also participate in a recognized and accepted field in Australia with an additional point of having international standing.
  • You must have been prominent in this field in the past two years.

What is the evidence of your talent?

  • Information provided by their nominator.
  • Their employment/business background.
  • Their knowledge of employment/business opportunities in Australia in their field.
  • You must submit the letters from organizations in Australia as evidence of future employment in Australia.
  • You need to submit documents with correspondence with relevant bodies in Australia as evidence of the possibility of establishing a business in Australia.
  • Qualifications or experience acquired during the previous residence in Australia.

It would be best if an eligible relative sponsored you during their stay period in the country. The visa also grants the holder and their respective family member to work in the country and be a sponsor for their family member in due course. The holder will also be qualified for enrolling his or herself in the country’s public healthcare system. As the visa is quite similar to the other migration visas, it would be better to get in touch with Migration Agent Australia for detailed information.

Benefits –

  • work and study in Australia
  • stay in Australia permanently
  • sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence in Australia
  • if eligible, apply for Australian citizenship
  • Enroll in Medicare, Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses
  • Travel to and from Australia for five years from the date the visa is granted (after that time, they will need a resident return visa or another visa to return to Australia).

Distinguished Talent Visa Subclass 124 Processing Time –

It depends on several factors –

  • Whether all necessary supporting documents were present while lodging the complete application.
  • Time is taken to reply to requests for extra information.
  • Time is taken to check the supporting information provided.
  • External agencies take time to deliver additional information, particularly concerning health, character, and national security requirements.
  • How many places are available for permanent migration visa applications.

However, according to the quantitative aspect, 75% of the applications are processed within 23 months, and 90% are processed within 26 months.

Procedure to Get Distinguished Talent Visa 124 –

The visa application of Distinguished Talent Visa Subclass 124 should contain all the details required for it to be granted. The best way to check if your distinguished talent visa Australia application form is free of any errors or not is to maintain a checklist.

  • For applying for Visa subclass 124, you need to be nominated by someone.
  • Collect all your documents such as health and character requirements, achievements you have attained internationally, etc.
  • Apply for it in the paper and send it to the registered address through courier.
  • Once the application is received, check if the organization needs more information. Send the details at the earliest if demanded.
  • If your visa is granted and you will receive the details of it. And if it gets rejected, the reason for the same will be informed to you. However, the fee will not be refunded.

FAQ Related to Distinguished Talent Visa

  1. Is visa 124 a permanent resident?

The Distinguished Talent Visa (Migrant) (Class AL) (Subclass 124) is a permanent resident visa for persons who have an internationally recognized record of exceptional achievement in an eligible area.

  1. What is a distinguished talent pathway?

The Distinguished Talent pathway provides an Australian permanent residency pathway for 200 applicants per year. Applicants are expected to be world-class leaders in their profession, research, academia, the arts, or sports.

  1. What is the difference between a global talent visa and a distinguished talent Visa?

The Distinguished Talent Visa is a subset of the Global Talent Visa for people who are exceptionally gifted but do not fit within the target sectors of the GTV. This visa may be proper for you if you are internationally renowned for your achievements in a profession.

This blog has covered different aspects of Distinguished Talent visa subclass 124. We hope this blog helps you in doing away with your queries. Happy reading!