General Questions
- The type of visa you are applying for will depend on the purpose of the visit you are making to the country. In Australia, there are multiple reasons for a visa application. The main factors to consider before applying for a certain type of visa are:
  • Is the visa going to be temporary or permanent?
  • What are the specific reasons for application: study, business, travel or visit
  • What should be the validity of the visa?
  • If one is planning to take up citizenship in the country or not?
Some of these questions may be asked by the applicant as well as the immigration authorities before a visa is approved.
- There are a few standard application procedures that have to be followed when one is applying for an Australian visa. The main documents to keep in mind are:
  • A valid passport
  • Passport photograph(s)
  • The visa application form
  • Vaccination certification to make the health clearance
  • Notarized bank statements
  • Family/Bank/Personal information
  • An official statement of proposal
- A normal visa application, with no extra issues in background checks and document verification should not take more than one or two days. Once the form is submitted, there will be a thorough check on the application after which it will be considered by the immigration authorities. If you are going through an immigration firm like XYZ, the application process can be more streamlined.
-As an immigration firm, XYZ accepts all forms of payment methods. All our clients have access to their accounts online. Our customer care makes sure that all your problems are taken care of and solved within a reasonable amount of time.
- Once a visa application has been submitted, there is no provision to change any personal details on the application. However, there is a provision to submit a secondary application with the edits that are required in the form. But this will be considered as part of your application and considered before finalizing the visa.
- At XYZ, we start off the whole visa application process with a consultation. When a client approaches our firm, we arrange for a thorough consulting process about your application requirements, background as well as passport details. This is the first consultation process where we can arrange for the next steps of your application. The consultation is done from stop to finish to make sure that the whole process goes smoothly till the end.
- If there is a major issue with the visa procedure, we promise a money-back guarantee of the application fees. The amount that we do not return is the consultation fee that we count in during the first consulting process.
- There are a number of visas that can be applied to for visiting Australia. The type of visa will depend on the purpose of the visit and the time for which the applicant is willing to stay. The main types of Australian visas are:
  • Work Visa
  • Temporary Entry visa
  • Visitor visa
  • Business visa
  • Student visa
  • Permanent entry visa
- One of the easiest ways to check the validity of your visa is to check the expiry date of the Visa. Different visas have different timelines that are approved by the immigration authorities. Most visas have an expiry date of 12 months. But this has to confirm if there is a doubt about the validity. If there is another problem with the visa status, it will be updated to you by a point of authority.
- There is a simple process to check the application status of any Australian visa. For all immigration-related purposes, you can log into your ImmiAccount. This account will have all the details of your application, the application status as well as any concerns that are raised against it.
- If your visa application is under process, it is suggested that you do not book the flight tickets already. If there are problems with the visa application, there might be a lot of trouble and financial loss. The other option is to apply for a visitor visa while waiting on a long-term visa. The only factor that has to be considered is that the reasons for the visitor visa and the actual application have to be the same. As long as there is no problem with the background check, an applicant can visit the country.
There might be a number of reasons why an Australian visa application can be rejected. Some of the common reasons may be:
  • Failure to meet Australia’s health requirements, which has come to be considered more strictly after the Covid situation
  • If an application form has been submitted incomplete
  • There is inadequate information about the applicant in the application
  • Lack of financial backing as evidence
  • Unclear citizenship lines with the home country of the applicant
  • Any present or past criminal records
  • An invalid or damaged passport presented with the application
After the global pandemic, there have been a few more conditions added by the Health Department of Australia. These have to be passed by all types of Visa applicants and confirmed before any kind of travel.
- The tenure for approval of a Tourist visa of six months takes around two to four weeks. In most cases, the time mentioned for travel in Australia can depend on the time taken to process the application. If all required information is supplied to the authorities on time, the visa approval and background check should be completed within two weeks. For any other checks to be completed, there can be an extended period of time involved.
- In matters related to immigration, an authorised representative is an individual who can charge you a fee to assist you in the immigration process. There are usually 2 types of authorised representatives:
  • Paralegals and lawyers who work on immigration laws and have a standing in an Australian court of law - provincial or territorial
  • Notaries who are members of an official financial institution of the country
  • Immigration consultants who are part of a registered organization of Immigration and Citizenship
These are officials who have the legal right to engage with citizens to assist them in visa applications, immigration procedures and visa approval.

Consultations for prospective immigrants

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