The child visa subclass 802, is an Australian Government visa that allows a child to stay in the country with their parents. Staying away from your parents is difficult for both the child and the parents, so the Subclass 802 Visa has come as a relief to those parents whose children were living away from them. It will also assist parents in feeding and caring for their children. It provides an excellent opportunity for both parents and their children to spend quality time together.

Who Is Eligible for The Onshore Child Visa Subclass 802?

  • The child who is applying for a subclass 802 Visa Australia must be financially dependent on one of their parents who is a permanent New Zealand or Australian visa holder or an eligible Australian citizen residing in the country.
  • When applying for the visa, the children must be currently residing in Australia.
  • A teenager or tutee aged 18 to 25 years who is pursuing his or her studies, or a disabled child who is unable to work, are eligible for the Subclass 802 Visa.
  • The visa subclass is for those who are single and have no siblings.

Responsibility as a Parent before Apply for Child Visa 802:

Regarding the Parent:

To be eligible for onshore child visa 802, the parent must be:

  • an Australian citizen an Australian permanent resident visa holder an eligible New Zealand citizen

Regarding the Child

The child must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for this onshore child visa 802:

  • sponsored by their parent or parent’s partner single and under the age of 18 (and not adopted)
  • When adopting a child, the child must be under the age of 18 at the time of adoption.
  • To be eligible, the child must be a full-time student between the ages of 18 and 25.
  • A child aged 18 or older who is unable to work due to a disability and is financially dependent on the sponsoring parent.

For the Sponsor:

A person who qualifies as a sponsor is one who,

Is the child’s parent, stepparent, or adoptive parent Is a stepparent who has separated from the child’s parent but has a legal responsibility to care for the child under the age of 18

Is an adoptive parent who adopted the child before becoming a citizen of Australia.Is over the age of 18 years old.

Prerequisites for Health to Apply Child Visa 802 Applications:

For a successful application for a Child Visa 802, the child must meet certain health requirements. The child’s health report should not be older than 12 months. A health report is required for all family members included in the application, regardless of whether they are migrating or not.

Characteristics required for child visa 802:

A police certificate from each country of the child’s residence (where the child has resided for 12 months or more in the previous ten years) is required to apply for this visa. This is only applicable if the child is one year old or older.

What is The Advantages of Child Visa Subclass 802

This is a visa for permanent residence. It enables the child to:

  • Remain in Australia work and study in Australia indefinitely In Australia, you can work and study.
  • Take advantage of Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses, apply for Australian citizenship if and when they become eligible, sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence, and travel to and from Australia within five years of the visa’s issuance.

Child visa subclass 802 Advantages:

This is a visa for permanent residence. It enables the child to:

  • Remain in Australia work and study in Australia indefinitely In Australia, you can work and study.
  • Take advantage of Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses, apply for Australian citizenship if and when they become eligible, sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence, and travel to and from Australia within five years of the visa’s issuance.

What is the cost of the child visa 802?

  • The main applicant must pay AUD2, 470 for the visa.
  • There is also a fee for each dependent child who applies with you for the visa.
  • Other fees may apply for health exams, police certificates, and biometrics.
  • To find out how much your visa will cost, use the Visa Pricing Estimator. Other costs are not taken into account by the estimator.

How do I apply for a Child Visa 802?

When the application is submitted and when Migration Agent Australia make a decision, the child must be in Australia but not in immigration clearance.

If the child is in Australia on another visa with a no further stay condition, they cannot apply for this visa.

Processing Time of Child Visa 802

The application may take longer to process if:

It is not filled out correctly; it does not include all of the documents we require; or we require additional information; and it takes us time to verify the information.

What Can You Do In Australia with Subclass Visa 802?

The Onshore Child Visa Subclass 802 Australia allows you to stay in the country for an indefinite period of time. With visa 802, you can pursue your academic career as well as work in any recognized organization. The applicant can also enroll in various health-care programmes offered in the country. You can also provide financial assistance to loved ones who wish to visit and live in the country. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can also apply for citizenship in the country. Traveling to your home country is also possible with an 802 Child Visa for the first five years, after which you can apply for a Resident Return visa.

Checklists for Child Visa Subclass 802:

It is quite simple to state why a checklist is required. However, if the 802 Child Visa is denied, you will understand the importance of the checklist. To avoid all of these complications, it is best to use a Visa Subclass 802 Checklist to obtain the visa as soon as possible. The following points will give you an idea of how to keep a checklist.

  • Check to see if you have all of the child’s information, such as an adoption certificate if one is required, a health and character certificate, an age certificate, and so on.
  • Examine the passport of the child for whom you are requesting a visa.
  • After you’ve completed all of this, fill out the application form on paper.
  • If your application is accepted, you must determine whether you need to submit any additional information. If so, please submit it as soon as possible.
  • If your application meets the requirements, you will be notified about the visa’s specifics.

And if your application is rejected, you will receive a letter explaining why.

Additional Requirements to Apply for Onshore Child Visa 802 

If the child has siblings who want to apply, each sibling must submit a separate application. If the child (under 18) has dependent children, they may apply at the time of application or at any time before applying. The child’s dependent children must meet all relevant health requirements. You must be sponsored by an eligible parent, or the parent’s spouse or de facto partner. You must be in good health and have paid off any debts owed to the Australian government. The Department of Home Affairs must determine that granting the visa is in the best interests of the child. It is important to note that there must be written consent from BOTH parents who have the legal authority to decide where the child lives, as well as permission from the laws of the child’s home country to remove the child.

​How Long Can The Child Stay?

This is a long-term visa. It allows the child to remain in Australia indefinitely. The child becomes a permanent resident on the day the visa is issued.

Include additional children:

  • If the child has siblings who want to apply, each sibling should submit a separate application.
  • The child’s dependent children may be included on their application at the time of application or at any time before we make a decision on the application.
  • Dependent children of a child applying for a visa must meet our health requirements.
  • Family members who are not coming to Australia may be required to meet our health requirements as well.

FAQ Related to Child Visa 802

Is visa 802 a long-term one?

Visa 802 is, indeed, a permanent visa.

What can you do with the 802 visa subclass?

You can continue your studies while also working, and you can stay in Australia for as long as you want.

Who is eligible to apply for onshore child visa 802?

If you want to bring an adopted child under 18 years of age from overseas, you may be eligible to apply for a Child visa Subclass 802. A child can be any of these, an adopted child, a stepchild, An ex-nuptial (natural) child, A foster child, or An orphan relative. The child must be younger than 18 and meet one or more of these conditions: They have no other parent or guardian available to care for them. They are stateless and cannot return to their home country because they risk facing persecution, severe harm or death. They have been abandoned by both parents and will not be able to live with an adoptive parent because it’s not permitted by law in their home country.

What is Child Visa Subclass 802?

The child visa subclass 802 is a temporary visa that allows children, who do not have Australian citizenship to live overseas with parents who are temporarily visiting Australia and are not eligible to access any other type of visa, will be able to stay with their parent(s) in Australia. The main aim of subclass 802 is also to allow parents, whether Australian or non-Australian citizenship, to visit family members who reside in Australia.

What age can my child apply for child visa 802?

To qualify for a Child Visa Subclass 802, your child must be under 18 years old at the time of application. There is no upper age limit on applying, though. So if you’re worried about your teenager turning 18 before they receive approval, it is best not to apply until they’re over 18. However, if they turn 18 between application and approval, it may not be too late to speak with an immigration lawyer or migration agent if you have any questions or concerns.

What documents do I need to provide with my application?

Depending on your situation, you might need several documents as proof of your relationship with your child. For example, if you’re married and have legally adopted your child, you should have no problem proving their parentage. However, if you are an ex-spouse or guardian of their biological parent, or if you are unmarried, it can be trickier to prove that they count as one of your dependents. In these cases, provide a certified copy of their birth certificate, copies of any court orders proving your guardianship or custody rights, and letters from friends and family confirming your relationship with them, any other documentation which proves you have been supporting them financially for at least two years before making your application of Child Visa Subclass 802.

Do I have any other requirements to apply visa application?

As well as providing evidence of your relationship with your child, you must demonstrate that you can support them financially without recourse. This is generally done by producing documents that detail your income, existing assets, and liabilities, which is why you must start getting financial documentation in order as early as possible. You can begin preparing your application for child visa subclass 802 at least six months before you intend to submit it. If you do not already have a valid visa or are currently living in Australia, then additional requirements may apply.