The Sponsored Parent Temporary Visa Subclass 870 lets you permanently sponsor your parents to live in Australia. If you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you can sponsor your parents to live here if they are over 65 years old and meet the other visa requirements.

The 870 sponsored parent temporary visa allows parents of either Australian citizens or permanent residents to live with their child in Australia. If they are at least 18 years old, have at least one child who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and can meet the financial requirement of the visa.

The parent must also be willing to sign an agreement to leave Australia when their Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa 870 expires and not apply for any other permanent visas while in Australia. They must be medically fit to travel and live in Australia.

What Is The Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa 870?

A sponsored parent visa is designed for parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents who want to live in Australia with their children. This visa will allow you to remain in Australia for up to two years, and it’s renewable if you choose to extend your stay longer.

The parent must be able to show that they have a close relationship with their child and are financially stable enough to support themselves while living in Australia.

The sponsor must also meet certain requirements before being eligible to apply for a sponsorship visa on behalf of a parent.

  • Who Can Be A Sponsor for Visa 870?

Anyone can be a sponsor if they meet all the eligibility requirements. If you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, your partner must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident willing to act as a sponsor. They must also agree to provide financial assistance for your dependents while they reside in Australia.

  • How to Apply for A Sponsorship Visa for 870 Visa Application?

First, you need to find out whether there is a waiting list for sponsored parent visas by checking with your nearest Department of Immigration office. You should also check whether you qualify for a visa, including having sufficient funds to support yourself and your family during your time in Australia. Once you know what type of visa you qualify for, you can submit an application through DIBP Online Services.

Who Qualifies for Sponsored Parent Temporary Visa 870?

Family members of Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents under 18 years of age who have no spouse or children can apply for a temporary parent visa.

Parents must also demonstrate that they can financially support their child in Australia for at least 3 years. There is an income threshold and certain health requirements that need to be met.

If you do not meet these requirements, you may still qualify for another type of visa, such as a partner or spousal visa.

  • How Long Can I Stay with Sponsored Parent Visa 870?

This visa will allow you to stay in Australia for up to 24 months. It will then become invalid, and you must reapply if you wish to remain longer than 2 years.

While your temporary parent sponsor visa is valid, it does not give you any rights toward citizenship or permanent residency, which means that once your 24-month period has expired, there are no guarantees that it will be renewed.

How to Apply for Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa 870?

To apply for a temporary parent visa, applicants must be sponsored by their child or stepchild who is a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. This visa is intended to reunite families and involves an assessment of your relationship with your sponsor and proof that you can support yourself while in Australia.

If you don’t have dependent children in Australia willing and able to sponsor you, you may be eligible for another type of family visa. The visa process varies depending on whether you’re applying from inside or outside of Australia.

Regardless of which route you choose, it’s important to understand how sponsorship works to protect your rights as a visa applicant for more information about what happens during and after the application process.

Pros and Cons of The Sponsored Parent Temporary Visa 870

  • Your parents may need to undergo health checks when they arrive in Australia; however, if they don’t pass their health check, they will be sent back home.
  • It is a temporary visa; your parents will have to leave Australia once their time has expired.
  • If your parents successfully get a temporary sponsored parent visa 870, they will be able to live in Australia indefinitely.
  • To be eligible, you need an Australian citizen or permanent resident child who has turned 18 and is able and willing to support you financially for at least three years.
  • They must also have been living in Australia for at least four years.
  • If they’re living overseas, you’ll need five years before your child can apply.
  • The parent can stay in Australia temporarily and work while they are here.
  • These visas are temporary but can lead to more permanent arrangements like permanent residence or citizenship.
  • A parent can also hold another type of visa simultaneously as one subclass 870.

How to Apply for Visa 870?

Applicants for a 870 sponsored parent visa must first determine if they are eligible, meet certain health requirements and finally make an application. Meeting eligibility requirements does not guarantee you will be granted a parent visa. The most common reasons applications are denied are insufficient evidence or having previously overstayed in Australia on another visa.

What is the Sponsored Parent Temporary Visa 870 Processing Time?

The processing time for a sponsored parent visa varies depending on where you live. Processing time for a visa generally takes around six months. However, depending on how long your sponsor processes their documents, it can take much longer.

The longest processing times are usually in cases where there is a delay in obtaining supporting documentation from family members or referees.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) says that you should apply for your 870 sponsored parent visa at least three months before you travel to Australia. They will not give you an earlier date if they think you may be eligible for another visa category or another immigration program that would allow you to enter Australia sooner. Contact at to connect with the registered migration agent for Australia in India. If you want to explore visa 838 and visa 114 then you can get all details here.

FAQ Related to Sponsored Parent Temporary Visa 870

What is a Sponsored Parent Temporary Visa 870? 

Temporary parent visas are also known as Subclass 103 visas. They allow parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents, to enter Australia temporarily. These temporary visas have strict conditions and do not allow holders to settle permanently in Australia. However, they do give parents who would otherwise be unable to visit their children permission to stay in Australia for up to ten years at a time.

 What Are The Alternatives To This Visa?

If you want to apply for a permanent residence visa, you have two main options: sponsor your parents or find someone eligible and willing to do so. If neither sounds appealing, you can consider applying for another temporary visa that allows you and your parents to remain in Australia for a set period.

How much does Sponsored Parent Temporary visa 870 cost?

It depends on whether you’re applying in Australia or overseas. A one-off visa application charge is also payable when you lodge your application. This amount is non-refundable regardless of whether your visa is granted or refused.

What is the Sponsored Parent Visa 870?

The Sponsored Parent Visa 870 is a permanent visa for parents or grandparents of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, or eligible citizens to migrate to Australia. Applicants must be sponsored by their child and meet certain health and character requirements.

What are the Sponsor Eligibility Requirements?

There are two types of Sponsor Eligibility Requirements: Type A – A person who is an Australian citizen aged 18 years or older. Type B – A person who has been granted a permanent residence status on humanitarian grounds, including but not limited to refugees and asylum seekers. The sponsor for Sponsored Parent Visa 870 must provide Evidence that they have sufficient funds to support the applicant without requiring government financial assistance.

How long does Sponsored Parent Visa 870 last?

The visa has a two-year duration and can be renewed with the parent residing in Australia. The visa is granted for two years on the condition that: The applicant for Sponsored Parent Visa 870 satisfies health and character requirements. The sponsor is an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible citizen residing in Australia.

How much does the visa cost?

The application fee for a Sponsored Parent Visa 870 is $2,100, which is not refundable. In addition to the application fee, other costs are associated with processing your application. These include medical examinations, legal assistance, and translation services if necessary. Costs vary depending on who you choose to assist you with your application process. The cost of living in Australia may also factor into your decision as it can be expensive to live here compare to some countries overseas.

How do I apply for the Sponsored Parent Visa 870?

To apply for a visa, you must fill out an application form and include two passport-sized photos of yourself. You will then submit your form to a processing center, where it will be reviewed. If successful, you will be invited to come in person to collect your visa and have your fingerprints taken. After this process, you are free to enter Australia.

What documents do I need?

It is recommended that you bring all relevant documents with you when applying for Sponsored Parent Visa 870, such as A birth certificate, Marriage certificate (if applicable), Evidence of property ownership or income, Your current passport, Permanent residency papers if applicable, and Two recent photographs.

What happens after my visa has been approved?

Once approved, you must complete the sponsored parent visa 870 before traveling to Australia. The sponsored parent visa 870 is processed overseas at a diplomatic mission or consular post and usually takes about six months but could take up to twelve months. Once you arrive in Australia, most government benefits will be available once you become an Australian citizen. The visa cost is AUD 2080, which must be paid in full before entering Australia on the visa.

When can I apply for the visa?

You can apply for the Sponsored Parent Visa 870 if you are: A citizen of a country that has signed a bilateral agreement with Australia, The sponsor is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, You and your children are citizens or permanent residents of a country that has signed a bilateral agreement with Australia, and you have lived in Australia for 2 years consecutively before applying, or your children have lived in Australia for 5 years consecutively before applying.