When we have to discuss international travel or immigration, via is the first thing that has to be considered. For those who are venturing into this area for the first time, a VISA is a legal document by the host country. It is issued by the country one is travelling to that confirms the individual qualifies to travel and reside within the boundaries of another country, the immigration department is mainly responsible for this document and is the first thing that is checked when one is seeking permanent citizenship in a foreign country.

A visa is issued by a country for various reasons. The most common ones are travel visas, followed by work visas for employment purposes and another one is the residential visa which is mainly for immigration purposes. The different categories of visas from different countries are the main defining features of any immigration document.

What is the Global Talent Visa 858

The Global Talent Visa (Subclass 858) is defined as a permanent visa that is issued to: “individuals who have been recognized internationally with a record of exceptional achievements in an eligible field”. It is different from a visitor visa subclass 600 that is mainly issued for purposes of travel and leisure and has a very specific time of validity. The Global Talent Visa is a more permanent arrangement to allow an individual to reside in the country with a specific purpose in terms of education or profession.

The Global Talent Visa is part of the Global Talent Independent Program that comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Australia. It was created to be an addition to the existing immigration visa that would help special talents in different fields work in the country.

This Australia issued visa was earlier called the Distinguished Talent Visa which is now (since February 2021) known as the Global Talent Visa. It is a residential visa that is defined by the work of an individual in a certain field like academics, sports, business or others. If a person is issued this visa, they are allowed to:

  • Permanently reside in Australia
  • Get access to Australia’s health schemes and Medicare
  • Travel to and from Australia for five years
  • Seek employment or education in Australia
  • Sponsor another person to travel to Australia

This visa actually allows an individual to apply for permanent citizenship in Australia if they cover all other eligibility criteria. It has been considered of greater importance in recent years when immigration on the basis of work and education has surged so much from countries in Asia and sometimes Europe.

Why is Global Talent Visa Subclass 858 Important?

The Global Talent Visa Subclass 858 is issued for the lowest period of 32 months and the highest of 24 months. This is decided on the talent pathway of the application. It is mostly structured to accommodate students seeking admission to educational institutions in Australia. It also invites students to work within certain industries, with industry recognized profiles. It is also an important document in professional areas, where someone wants to expand their business in the Australian market.

The eligibility criteria are set by the Australian government which decides for how long the Global Talent visa should be issued and what kind of perks should be allowed to the individual. The whole cost of applying and getting the Global Talent Visa comes to around AUD 4,180.

Read on to find out how you can apply for this visa and what criteria you will have to fulfill.

Eligibility Criteria, Application and How to Get Global Talent Visa 858?

If you are considering applying for the Global Talent Visa, the first thing you need to check is your eligibility criteria. There is a list of conditions that you have to fulfill in order to get the visa issued in your name.

Eligibility Criteria of 858 Global Talent Visa

  1. The applicant should have international recognition and an outstanding record of achievement in any one of the following areas: Sports, the Arts, Academia and Research or a particular profession.
  2. Applicants should be within or outside of Australia during application and should have a valid immigration clearance.
  3. There should be a nominator for every applicant who is:
  • A citizen of Australia
  • A permanent resident of Australia
  • An established organization in Australia
  • Eligible for a New Zealand membership

If unsure of any of the above, you have to visit the Home Affairs website of the Australian government, where you can check your eligibility and proceed to apply for the visa.

Once you are sure of your eligibility for the Global Talent Visa, you have to follow a few steps to proceed with the application process.

Application for 858 Global Talent Visa

Individuals willing to be considered for the visa Subclass 858 have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) with the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. This will make them eligible to be invited for the visa. The selected candidates have to have a specific achievement that will take them to the next step of being invited by the government. Since it is a sort of talent visa, the selection process will entirely depend on the Ministry and who they choose to invite.

The whole process of acceptance and issue of the Global Talent Visa will take around 2-3 months. This will depend on factors like – how much time is being taken to consider an application. It also depends on the number of spots opening up in a year, within a certain time.

Final Words

The Global Talent Visa is one of the most sought after visas for people who are looking to settle in Australia. It could be a gateway for students and young professionals who want to make their mark on the global platform. As of today, the 2021/22 migration program has a total of 15,000 spots open. It is one of the more competitive visa programmers in the world. However, getting this visa issued in one’s name could mean a world of opportunities opening up in front of individuals from all over the world.

FAQ Related to Global Talent Visa 858

What is the global talent visa 858?

The Global Talent Visa 858 is a temporary visa for individuals who want to come and work in Australia. It is designed for professionals with specialized skills, such as doctors or engineers, who are in short supply in Australia. The visa allows those people to come and stay in the country for up to four years. They can also bring their partner and dependent children over to live with them at this time. Applicants have to pay an application fee of AUD 3,600. However, this includes health insurance coverage for 12 months. To qualify for the Global Talent Visa 858, you must be sponsored by a state or territory government agency that has asked you precisely because they don’t have enough skilled workers locally available.

What are the requirements for the 858 global talent visa?

To qualify for the Global Talent Visa 858, you must meet the following requirements: 1) Be from outside of Australia and 2) Have skills in short supply in Australia. The skills that are in short supply are determined by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. There is also a list of occupations for which there is a requirement that applicants have at least two years of relevant work experience before they can apply for this visa.

How do I apply for the global talent visa 858 Australia?

If you have a job offer in Australia, apply for a visa through the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The visa is valid for three years or until your employer’s sponsorship expires, whichever comes first. If your contract is terminated before the end date, you can stay in Australia until you find new employment or leave the country. It’s important to note that a Global Talent Visa 858 holder cannot receive government assistance from either Australia or any other source during their time in the country.

How long does it take to process the 858 global talent visa Australia?

The 858 Global Talent visa Australia process is a three-step, straightforward process. First, you must apply for an Employer Nomination Scheme visa which must be approved before you can lodge your 858. Second, you must lodge your Global Talent Visa 858 with the Department of Home Affairs and wait for them to approve it. Thirdly, your visa will be ready in approximately 18 days when they approve it. Finally, all you have left to do is book your flight. So if everything goes according to plan, the application process should take at least two months.

Can I bring my family with me on the global talent visa 858?

This visa is specifically for people outside of Australia with the skills and expertise needed in the country. So no, your family cannot come with you on this visa. If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you can apply for a different type of visa to allow your family members to join you in Australia.