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9th April 2022

About V4 Migration:

Based out of Melbourne, v4 Migration is a visa consultation firm with a group of migration agents (RMAs) and legal counselors. They work with different clients for all kinds of Visa needs, from resolving concerns to seeking permanent residency. They start by examining the client’s profile based on their achievements as well as their present situation. This helps them to work with them, assisting them with their requirements. v4 Migration has always been a client-based organization who have kept the clients at priority.

Migration may seem like a huge deal when you are an outsider. This is why the interference of an agency can be helpful in some cases. There are too many visas and their procedures in Australia which makes it so complicated. The work of v4 Migration is to ease the whole process with thousands of success stories to showcase. They are a licensed organization that works with international students, working professionals, and families who are moving to the country. The professional team of v4 migration helps you to pass through the complicated Australian migration law, starting from the application itself.

How do they work?

One of the first things they do at v4 Migration is to consider profiling you as our client. Whether you are a student, temporary resident or seeking a visa for the first time in Australia, They take all the details into account. As a migration firm, they mostly work with individuals to make the entire process simpler. They start from the application process and help you with advice as to how you should go about the whole affair.

If you are wondering how they function, let us walk you through our entire process from application to issuing your visa.

  1. They have a group of registered agents whom you approach for any kind of immigration and visa needs that you have.
  2. After they have checked or created your profile, they start with the application process based on the requirements.
  3. They create a route map of your entire visa process, which is done in form of a question-answer session. At this stage, you can ask as many questions as you need and expect in-depth explanations from them.
  4. Through the application, they give application support to all clients as and when required. They work to give your case special attention to specific agents, who are well-versed with your case and know how a certain case works.

For students, families, and working professionals,  v4 Migration has specialized services to guide them through the migration process. The Study Division consists of education counsellors who can help you from the very step of applying to a university overseas. They try to understand the kind of expectations you have from your time and exposure in Australia. This builds a trusting relationship with the team, who can help to guide you till the time when your visa is completed and you are ready to go.

Services to avail

Since they work mainly in visa and immigration affairs, clients often wonder what are the main services that They provide. So if you are approaching us with a certain task, here is a list of services that you should consider before coming to v4 Migration.

  • Work and Holiday Visa: The Australia “Work and Holiday Visa” (Subclass 462) is a cultural exchange program that allows individuals to travel for work or holiday. This is issued to individuals who are travelling to the country for a specific amount of time, decided by the applicants themselves.
  • Student Visa: One of our most popular client-base, international students travelling to Australia are guided by us throughout the process. The Student Visa (Subclass 500) is issued to students at the school and college level, who have earned admission into any educational institution in Australia. At present, Australia is one of the most important countries where students seek admission, all over the world. The research opportunities and faculty of different institutions make this country a fantastic place for students to visit and study. This is one of the more easy visas to be issued.
  • Parent/Child/Partner Visa: These three visas are issued when a family member is travelling to Australia for a visit. The different categories are allowed for:
  • Parent Visa (Subclass 173): Issued by the Australian government for parents whose children are living in Australia as permanent citizens or eligible citizens of New Zealand.
  • Child Visa (Subclass 101): This visa is issued to children who will be travelling to Australia to stay with a parent. It should be ensured that the traveller is not a citizen of Australia.
  • Partner Visa (Subclass 820): This is one of the common types of visas that are issued to spouses of an Australian citizen.
  • Business Visa: If you are applying for a visa to Australia as a business owner, you will have to apply for a Business Visa (Subclass 890). This will allow a business owner, who is not a citizen, to establish and operate their business in Australia. This is a permanent visa which will include a few extra steps. Issue of this visa will allow a permanent residency in the country.

Why choose v4 Migration?

Some of the main aspects they cover as a migration agency are:

  • Giving you leads about the visa application process online, helping with the visa assessment and providing a free consultation.
  • They aim to stay on an ethical and reliable route, reducing the chances of any sort of legal issues.
  • They have a team of multilingual agents who help with the communication between the client and the immigration services from the other side.
  • They have a group of lawyers to make sure all angles of the application are covered
  • Cost-effective services throughout the process
  • Individualized services for all clients, covering all their visa requirements
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