How To Extend Visitor Visa 600 In Australia?

Visitor visas are nonimmigrant visas for individuals who want to visit a place. Visitor visa subclass 600 is necessary for individuals who simply want to travel to Australia. The span for this vis is a year or less. It is a temporary visa that will allow you to explore and travel the country while residing there for a few months. However, after the period of the visa is over, you need to reapply for an extension of the visitor visa. Overstaying the time of your visa is not a viable option. It is always advised that you should do everything you can to avoid overstaying your visa period. If you intend to stay after your visa has expired, you will become an illegal citizen. Unlawful residents may face detention and banishment. They may be deported from applying for an Australian visa anymore in the future. In this article, we have discussed in detail how to extend visitor visa 600 in Australia.

Requirements for Applying for Subclass 600 visitor visa:

There are some qualifications that are required to be fulfilled if you want to apply for an extension of this particular visa. Here, we have listed some of those:

  1. The foremost criterion is that your current or previous visa has not yet expired.
  2. Financial standards and details should be informed to the authority during the process of applying.
  3. A valid passport of an eligible country is required for the visitor visa extension.
  4. Physical health certificates under your name are always necessary.
  5. Character certificates and personal details are also a must while applying for the visa.
  6. The important documents of the accompanying members are also required.
  7. The period of stay in Australia should be limited to 12 months in the last 18 months.
  8. There should not be the condition of ‘No further stay’ on your visa.

A ‘No Further Stay’ notice can be waived for the following situations:

  1. You have been under circumstances that are both convincing and compelling.
  2. As an individual, you should appear to be completely helpless in these situations.
  3. The case may be that the circumstances might have caused major alterations in your personal life.

A waiver request must be hand-writing on a particular type of form. More importantly, the request must be accompanied by the proper supporting documentation. Strong arguments with lucid or un-supported documentary evidence will not be accepted. So, it should be kept in mind that the documentation you provide with your request is critical. You can waive these conditions.

  1. The visa holder has become medically unfit for traveling after arrival in Australia or has suffered an injury that needs urgent critical treatment.
  2. Any serious natural disaster (major flood or earthquake) or serious political conflict has occurred in the individual’s home country. Thus, it is not safe or reasonable to return to their home country.
  3. The applicant is a guardian to a child who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

Necessary Documents:

  1. The concerned individual’s passport along with blank pages (passport has to be valid for a minimum of 3 months from the e-visa expiry date)
  2. A properly filled visitor visa subclass 600 application form 1418. Proof of funds to stay in Australia

Types of visitor visas ready for an extension:

  1. Visa for Tourists:

This visa applies to those who want to stay in the country for a specific time span. Using this visa, they can travel around the country with their family and friends as well. They can plan their expenses on their own as long as they stay.

  1. Sponsored visa for families:

As the name suggests, this visa is for those families who are sponsored for their stay. The sponsorship is made by any relative who is a permanent resident of Australia and is willing to provide for the same to the visiting individuals.

  1. Visa for Business:

Visitor visa subclass 600 is related to business purposes. This visa permits individuals to go to business-related locations.

The general Steps:

Almost all passport holders can apply for a visitor visa Australia extension. The application is generally done in an online mode. There are instances when the Australian embassy will turn down your application for an extension. If you come across such a refusal, you must leave the country before the expiry of your authorized period. The authorized stay period will usually be after the expiry date of your original visa and 28 days from the date of the Australia Visitor Visa decision. If you do not receive a decision from the concerned authority before your current visa expires, you will have to stay in Australia until you get any further notice from the Australian Embassy. If you start a new visitor visa Australia application while you are in the country itself, as well as you decide to cancel it before you receive a decision, you will need to leave Australia within 28 days of the date of cancellation (unless your previous visa is still valid). You cannot get a refund of the application amount already paid.

  1. Check the criteria mentioned above, before applying. You can verify the status of your visa even online. Check whether your visas have a ‘Australia ETA’ extension or an ‘Australian e-visitor’ extension.
  2. Once you’ve verified the status, gather knowledge about the visa options.
  3. If anyone applies for a new visa before the current one expires, you will be issued a bridging visa A, which is a temporary visa allowing you to stay in Australia while a decision is being made based on the application.
  4. If you have overstayed your visa, you will not be granted any type of visa, not even a bridging one.
  5. Submit the necessary documents that are asked for.
  6. Fill out the visa application form with proper concentration.
  7. Pay the required visa fees in online mode.
  8. Arrange an appointment for submission of the application form.
  9. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you will get the visitor visa 600 extension.

Once you have followed all the criteria and followed all the steps, the visitor visa 600 extension will take a period of approximately a month.

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